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We collaborated with Go Inspire Go (GIG) on its project, “Superhero Capes Provide Hope & Inspiration for Sick Children,” in the research, shooting, writing and editing of this popular and successful piece, released in conjunction with National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

“Discover and Use Your Power to Help Others” is the GIG mantra, using social networking to inspire social change. GIG encourages all to help others by extending their talent, resources and passion in anonymous acts of kindness.

During production, we met some of the youngest and bravest Superheroes- many of them pediatric cancer patients- including 5-year-old Brooke Mulford.

Brooke is courageously fighting stage 4, high rick Neuroblastoma – infant and childhood cancer of the nervous system. Brooke is among 4,000 sick children and their siblings, who have custom homemade Superhero capes.

These personalized capes are gifts, sewn with inspiration and sent with blessings of love, from Wonder Capes, the brainchild of Amy Pankratz, a stay at home mother of three, who sews through the night pursuing her sewing hobby and mission- increased funding for pediatric cancer research.

According to the National Cancer Institute, cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children 1 to 14 years old. On average, 1 to 2 children develop the disease each year for every 10,000 children in the United States. In the 2007, approximately 10,400 children, living in the US, under age 15 were diagnosed with cancer and about 1,545 children will die from the disease.

Scientist and Pediatric Oncologist, Dr. Peter Adamson, with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) explains the disparity between adult and childhood cancer, “Cancer is a big problem in the adult population, it is a very small, but very important problem in the pediatric population, so the funding tends to mirror that large difference.”

Dr. Adamson, who is also Chair-elect of the Children’s Oncology Group, underscores the tremendous value and importance in pediatric cancer funding, “when you save a child with cancer, you give them a lifetime – 70, or 80 years”.

Everyone has the power to make a difference to find a cure for this horrific disease. Established well-known pediatric cancer research funders include: Cure Search for Children’s Cancer, CHOP Foundation, Alex’s Lemonade Stand and St. Baldrick’s.