At the recent Banana2 bloggers event – “The Second Annual Gathering of Asian/Pacific Islander Bloggers,” it was reinforced that everyone who has a common, online presence, like facebook, is essentially a blogger, whether you self-identify as such.

Here’s some “tips” from the conference about maximizing time and social media space and growing your community.

- Choose a topic you’re passionate about;
- Create a distinguished voice;
- Join other communities, make allies, build coalitions;
- Leverage your network;
- Motivate people to action;
- Share, not sell information;
- Optimize with Meta Tags tagging, hyper linking sites within blog posts;
- Start responding on other sites to develop followers;
- Ask your followers and readers to comment about your blogs;
- Ask companies to do reviews, or giveaways.
- The most effective time to post on facebook is 10 AM Thur & Fri mornings;
- Stay away from flash. That is not readable on Apple mobile devices;
- Consider incorporating multimedia like photos, audio & video.

Probably encouragement we can all use…
- Don’t be afraid to hit “publish.”